Registered Dietitians strive to positively impact health through nutrition and build optimism about health and well-being.

Our mind is powerful and can significantly impact our health. Our body reacts to all types of stress.  Specifically, long-term mental stress can become problematic and lead to chronic health conditions.  For instance, stress can cause blood pressure to rise, and high blood pressure can add extra load on the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys.  Stiffer blood vessels are more prone to injury and scarring, which, in the presence of high blood fats and cholesterol, creates an environment conducive to atherosclerosis.  And we know atherosclerosis can lead to blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks.  Using nutrition and other healthy lifestyle habits is commonplace to help alleviate stress and problems resulting from stress.  However, our state of mind also plays a significant role in our stress levels and response to stressors.

Emerging correlational evidence suggests that optimism is linked to improved health.  A study of 999 older Dutch men and women discovered higher levels of optimism associated with 45%–77% lower risks of cardiovascular mortality and all-cause mortality. Additionally, research conducted among 97,253 US women found higher levels of optimism associated with lower risks of CHD-related and all-cause mortality. A third study observing 545 older Dutch men found that a higher level of optimism was associated with a substantially lower risk of cardiovascular mortality.

We can all bring optimism and associated good health to our communities through good vibes, positive energy, and encouragement!